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Surf Anonymous - Hide IP Address Over the net !

Surf Anonymous - is an internet utilities that hide your IP address, thereby saving you from the vulnerabilities concerned with it.

Surf Anonymous Includes:

1- Proxy Hunter - Search the net for proxies
2- Proxy Analyzer - Analyze Proxies speed,type,location ..etc
3- Proxy Capture - Force any application to enter the net through proxy even if it does not support it by default.
4- Proxy Pool - where you can manage your proxies and eliminate bad proxies.

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PopUpDown - Eat Browsers Pop Up using Artificial intelligence

Pop-Up Down is very small and easy to use.
Stop Opera, Internet Explorer & more, There's no need to adjust proxy settings, or add sites to a list. PopUpDown will not strip Web images or slow your browser. You can allow pop-up windows only when you want them. User settings allow fun sounds notifications. Simply hold down the Control (CTRL) to allow selective pop-up windows; but most new links should open automatically. Pop-Up Down is not advertising supported, nor does it require registration, and no information is collected from or about product users.

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